Yudit is a free Unicode plain-text editor for Unix-like systems. It is primarily targeted for Linux, but a version is also provided for Windows and MacOS-X. It was developed in the early days of Unicode on Linux, back in 1997. Limitations in development time resulted in being minimal while remaining useful.

This editor does not use external libraries, except for the C library and a minimal set of windowing functions. This has helped to make a quick port to platforms where there was no multilingual support. This is also the reason why Yudit looks so ... unique :).

Nowadays, fortunately, Linux has better and better Unicode support, so it might be easy to build an editor on top of Qt or GTK/Pango. Still, you might find Yudit useful if you want to dig deeper into Unicode text. You can also add a new script if you are willing to look at Yudit's c++ source code, which, while needing a complete rewrite, has everything in one place.

There might be more documentation in the coming years, which can help you configure and use Yudit. Please feel free to tell me if you have any difficulty or if you have any documents you wish to see here.

Use the Navigation Panel on the left to download and install Yudit 2.9.6 and edit Unicode text.


Gáspár SINAI
Tokyo, 2016-04-30

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